Crafting Identities

LOGOS are like PERSONALITIES OF PEOPLE you can describe what they symbolize of stand for.

Strokes is a IDENTITY design company with a team of identity design experts. A brand identity is the visual aspect of a brand. It is more than a LOGO design. A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a Unique TYPESTYLE, MARK or ICON. Whereas a 'Brand Identity' comprises of all the Visual Elements that form the overall visual branding exercise.
We believe Brand's Identities are like Personalities of people. We all prefer to be called by our names and known as a Visual Face viz. Prakash, Rahul, Habib rather than by the confusing and elaborative description of ourselves such as "the guy who works in the next office".

Strokes is a Brand Identity design studio with over 35+ brand identities developed over 8 years of its existence. We are hired to create the most EFFECTIVE and MEMORABLE logos for brands/corporate.

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The Logo identifies a business or product in its simplest form. In our Brand Identity services we design effective Logo, Stationary and materials for brands and corporate.


A refined and distilled packaging should catch the attention on the crowded shelves of a store. In our Product Identity we provide Product Packaging design services.


A good retail design would be relevant and provide a buying atmosphere and help indulge in an experience. We craft Retail personality and experience for brands; keeping in mind their product/service promise.

Latest Works

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Product Identity (Packaging)
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